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5 Sep 2016

Returning from the summer break, new floating menus to improve site navigation are being implemented. These will be added to all sub-pages in the coming weeks.

7 May 2016

Traffic is now around 500 daily visitors (excluding bots), and Alexa rank is rising among the top 1 million sites. We are experimenting with Twitter (@ArcaneKnow) to increase readership further. Please allow several days for replies to e-mail.

31 Jan 2015

For its tenth anniversary, the site is being converted to HTML5. All new pages will be coded in HTML5 for improved usability, and existing pages will be converted over the course of the year.

12 Oct 2013

The site design is being altered for improved navigation to accomodate the larger number of visitors. All URLs will be kept the same.

Upcoming content includes essays on the ethics of Max Stirner and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Thanks to all who have sent questions and comments.

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