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The Repository of Arcane Knowledge features well-researched essays on modern political history, political science, and United States law. Scholarly essays and resources on medieval and early modern history can be found on the Historical Research page.

Churchill, Truman, and Stalin at Potsdam

Political History

Political Science

  • A Basic Lexicon of Political Philosophy (2011)
    Discusses classical definitions of political terms and concepts, as contrasted with less coherent modern usage.
  • On the Radical Separation of Church and State (2006)
    The abolition of religion from the political sphere has been falsely posited as the only alternative to theocracy. We examine various historical solutions to the church-state problem, and show how a radical separation of politics and religion is ultimately incompatible with religious liberty.
  • U.S. Political Representation by Party (1865-Present)
    Table showing political party affiliations of congressmen, senators, presidents, and Supreme Court Justices of the United States.


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