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Natural science was long considered part of philosophy, but since the time of Galileo it has focused on quantitative analysis to the relative neglect of other aspects of being. Despite this narrower scope, modern scientific inquiry often engages profound philosophical and social questions that defy quantification. In the essays below, we subject some of these issues to philosophical scrutiny, and also address some purely quantitative problems.

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Future Essays

  • The Ontology of General Relativity
    Proposes that Einstein's theory conclusively divorces physico-mathematical descriptions of the universe from ontological reality.
  • The Statistics and Metaphysics of Emergent Properties
    Examines whether mathematical or physical emergent properties truly violate the metaphysical requirement that an effect be contained in its cause in potentia.
  • Linguistic, Anthropological, and Logical Perspectives on the Existence of the Self
    Critically examines the hypothesis that the reification of the self is an artifact of particular linguistic or anthropological developments.
  • Stochastic and Entropic Considerations of Evolutionary Biology
    Attempts to address several major evolutionary questions from the perspectives of mathematical probability and thermodynamics.

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