Historiography of the Apparition of Guadalupe

Daniel J. Castellano


Table of Contents

Part I
1. The Traditional Story of Guadalupe
2. The Four Evangelists of Guadalupe
3. Guadalupe according to P. Miguel Sánchez

Part II
4. Guadalupe according to Luis Lasso de la Vega

Part III
5. Guadalupe according to Luis Becerra Tanco

Part IV
6. Guadalupe according to P. Francisco de Florencia
7. Testimony of D. Carlos Sigüenza y Góngora
8. Sigüenza’s Lost Manuscripts

Part V
9. The Oldest Manuscript of the Nican mopohua

Part VI
10. The Informaciones Jurídicas of 1666

Part VII
11. The Witnesses at Mexico City in 1666
12. Argument from Silence

13. Información of 1556

Part IX
14. Sixteenth-Century Fragments

Part X
15. Indigenous Texts of Uncertain Date
16. Pictographic Codices and Maps

Part XI
17. The Codex Escalada

Part XII
18. The Image as Witness

19. The Image in the Twentieth Century

Part XIV
20. Epilogue: Plausible Reconstructions of the Icon’s History

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