Boxing Championship Lineages
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Here you can find lists of boxing champions in every weight class (currently Lightweight through Heavyweight have been completed), as well as bareknuckle champions since 1840.

Only one champion per division is recognized at any given time. These are not strictly lineal ("man who beat the man") championships, as there have been occasions where a champion has vacated a title by retirement, changing weight class, or dodging serious competition.  An example of the last type is George Foreman's career in the mid-1990s, followed by the even more unworthy Shannon Briggs.  To be included as a champion in these lists, one must have been widely regarded as such by a majority of boxing critics at the time, as well as possessing some claim to either a lineal or unified sanctioned title. Unusual cases will be explained in footnotes.
The following data is listed for each champion:
Nat.: The champion's nationality of birth
Date: The date the fighter became champion
Champion: The champion's name
Defeated: The fighter defeated for the existing or vacant title
Result of the fight (W,D,L,KO) and the number of rounds it lasted. W is for a decision win, D is for a draw, L for a loss, and KO means any kind of stoppage win.  Bareknuckle and early-20th century fight accounts often recorded stoppages as decision wins, and draws were declared when there was no knockout.
W: Number of successful (wins or draws) bouts as champion, including the first bout (becoming champion).
Length of championship in days and years, and cumulative totals for repeat champions (color-coded).
Rank of total length of championship.
Notes of unusual circumstances causing the title to change hands.