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Number of Humans in Space (1961-Present)

Daniel J. Castellano (2007)

The charts below plot the number of humans in space (IAF standard of 100 km altitude) at every point in time from 1961 to the present (updated through 24 Aug 2014). Mission data through October 2009 is taken from the Manned Spaceflight Database. Launch and landing dates are counted as days in space if any time is spent in space. Nationality is assigned by launch vehicle, though there can be transfers of national authority, such as when US astronauts boarded Mir, or when boarding a return vehicle of different nationality. The first chart is a maroon line plot showing the total number of humans in space. The second chart further below is a line plot of the number of humans in space by nationality. Both charts scroll horizontally. Raw data is available upon request.

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