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Table of Nations - Genesis 10

The map below identifies the probable locations of each of the nations named among in the descendants of Noah in the tenth chapter of Genesis.

The table of nations has three groups: the descendants of Ham, the descendants of Shem (Semitic), and the descendants of Japheth (Indo-European).

The immediate descendants of Ham are all situated in the southern half of the Fertile Crescent: Mizraim (Egypt), Raamah (northern Arabia), Canaan (Palestine), and "Ksh" (Kish or Kush; southern Mesopotamia). The great king Nimrod (Sargon or Naram-Sin), a descendant of Ksh, founded the Akkadian empire.

The immediate descendants of Shem are located in the central and northern parts of the Fertile Crescent: Arphaxad (Babylonia), Asshur (Assyria), Elam (southwest Persia), Aram (Aramaeans of Syria), Put (Punt, west of Egypt) and Lud (Lydians of southern Anatolia). From Arphaxad is descended Eber (Ebla in Syria), the ancestor of the Hebrews.

The immediate descendants of Japheth are all located north of the Fertile Crescent: Madai (Medes of northwest Iran), Javan (Ionians of northwest Anatolia), Tubal (Georgia) and Meshech (Armenia, later migrating to Russia), Gomer (the Cimmerians north of the Caspian), Magog (north of Black Sea, would merge with Scythians), and Tiras (Thracians, north of Greece).

The major groups of nations (the immediate descendants of the sons of Noah) are labelled in block letters, while the later descendants are identified in mixed case. [Click image to enlarge.]

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